So like I was telling you last year, I've got a new band. Sure age wise we've been playin since the Dead Sea was sick but we're good, really. The drummer, Wayne Stach born and raised in North Dakota has played with Code Blues and The Mudhole Blues Band (with Richard Stevenson and Tony Johnson of "The Coasters" Road Band), Bob Dolan ("Alice Cooper" keyboardist) and many others. Wayne creates a unique bottom-end sound developed from over 30 years of playing together and with others.

Jere Sullivan, Harp and Vocals extraordinaire, was born and raised in Bakersfield CA, the Nashville of the West ( Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Bighouse etc). After boarding school back East, he came back to CA in '69 and fronted "The Yazoo City Rhythm Kings". In '71 he co-wrote the musical score for a dramatic musical called "Panhandle" which garnered national acclaim. He then went to D.C and played the bars while taking the "Bar" and became an attorney. More to the point, he's a damn good harp player! 

Reb Blake on base and vocals is a great hang and lies with the best. Notables Reb worked with include Nicky Hopkins (Rolling Stones), Bill Champlin (Chicago), and Al Nichols (Turtles - wrote huge hit song Happy Together). He is a decorated Viet Nam vet.

As for me (Kent Housman) I'm still singin' and playin' guitar, writing "redneck blues" and doin some choice covers. Why just the other day some people came by rehearsal and said "Hey you dudes are great, you're the real old school", to which I answered, "Hell, we built the school!" 


Respected critic Dave Marsh wrote in Rock & Roll Confidential: "Fans of the ringing guitar sound take note. Kent Housman does it better than any of the Brits we've heard.

"I was born in Northern California, raised in Mexico and then came back to California. So I'm not quite sure why I do the type of music I do. It's not traditional blues or rock. I guess the best way to describe it is redneck blues." So says singer-songwriter-guitarist Kent Earl Housman of his music and his debut solo album, Wham Bam Man, written and co-produced with former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer Stanley Lynch II. 

After first recording with his band Transatlantic Railroad (Sire Records), in the mid Sixties, Earl contributed to the last two albums recorded by the legendary Blue Cheer (Phillips). He also wrote the song "Roller Derby Star" which was recorded by his group The Ducks (produced by John Simon) and covered by John Cipollina's band Copperhead (Columbia), among others. 

In the Eighties, while living in Los Angeles, he played and recorded with a variety of artists and penned songs as a staff writer for Warner Bros. Music with friend Stan Lynch. In the Nineties, Earl began a collaboration with film and TV composer Gary Chang ("Perfect Weapon," "Sniper," "Under Siege") with whom he has written songs for movies, TV and a soon to be released album project.

These days, Earl can be found gigging somewhere in the U.S. as well as working on tracks for his next album.


1996 single "Margarita Drive" by Housman from the album California Blues Compilation (Taxim)

1995 commercial "Devil's Front Door" used on Texas Radio by Shiner beer from the album Devil's Front Door by Walking Wounded (Dr. Dream) 

1994 album Wham Bam Man by Housman/Lynch (Last Resort) 

1991 single "Devil's Front Door" by Housman/Giddens from the album Devil's Front Door by Walking Wounded (Dr. Dream)

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1973 single "Roller Derby Star" by Housman from the album The Ducks (Just Sunsine)

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1970 single "Good Times" by Housman/Mayall from the album Original Human Being by Blue Cheer (Philips)

1967 single "Irahs" by Housman recorded by TranAtlantic Railroad (Sire/Phoenix) 


2006 - 2008 "Antesque te Vayas", Spanish broadcast of American Grammys. Opening, closing and bumpers on Telemundo Network

2005 - 2006 various source ques for "Road Rules" and "The Simple Life" on Fox TV Network

2003 - 2004 Various cues for The History Channel and "Modern Marvels"

2001 - 2002 "House of Cards" by Housman in "Whitewash." "The Clarence Bronly Story, Movie of the Week" for Showtime

2000 Stumblin," "Good Times" by Housman, Housman/Mayall for "Range of Motion" on Lifetime ChannelTV

2000 "Crossftre," "Good as Gold," "One Way Ride," "Moonshine Avenue," "Crawlin' ," "Technicolor Eyes," "Cradle to Grave," in "A Vision of Murder" Movie of the Week with Melissa Gilbert on CBS TV

1998 "Margarita Drive," "Devil," "3 Shades of Blue" in "Blackout Effect" Movie of the Week on NBC

1997 cast member of John Frankenhiemer's TV movie "Wallace" for TNN. Sang duet with Angelina Jolie and was music supervisor

1995 choir consultant for "The Burning Season" on HBO TV

1993 "When the Rain Starts to Fall" by Housman/Chang for "A Family Torn Apart" on NBC TV

1993 "Playing with Fire" and additional cues by Housman/Chang in "Sniper" for Tristar Films

1992 "Taking It As It Comes" by Housman/Alton for "Billy" on ABC TV

1991 "Standing in the Shadows" by Housman/Chang, "On the Prowl" by Housman/Chang/Alton in "Perfect Weapon" for Paramount Pictures

1988 Spanish translation and vocal of "Talkin' to the Moon" by Don Henley/J.D. Souther for Henley